The guys against the girls

My mom and dad have been here visiting for a couple days, and we have done a lot of talking, eating (especially yummy cookies!) watching, pin-balling, and yes, playing pool.

This afternoon, while a couple members of the gang refreshed themselves in cozy slumber, Dad, Scott, Katie, and I played a best of three eight-ball tournament.  We decided it would be the guys against the girls, and our teams ended up being fairly evenly matched, possibly due to the fact that one or more of the guys was not at the very top of his game.  = )

I clearly am lacking the “physics and angle calculation” department.  My problem is that I look at a certain ball and think, “Well, I obviously need to make my cue hit on the left side of the six, to make it go to the right” (and hopefully into the pocket), but I actually have absolutely NO idea how far on the left side of the six I should aim, or even how to go about figuring out where I should aim.  Then there’s the whole issue of actually executing the appropriate shot, but since I don’t even know how to think about the appropriate shot, I’m clearly a long way from carrying it out.  My dad helpfully reminded me that the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection – a fact which I did, in fact, know – but in banking a ball off the rail, I still couldn’t come up with any approximation of where on the rail I should be aiming it!  Scott and Dad, and I guess Katie, however, just eyeball the thing and adjust their stick till it matches some magical image in their heads and fire the ball the into the pocket.  Well, most of the time.

It ended up that the guys won the first game, we girls won the second game, and we girls lost the third game.  The shot that sank the eight ball was perfectly spot on; it’s just that the cue ball was also perfectly spot on . . . into another pocket.

Good games, guys!


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