Hope deferred

It makes the heart sick, you know.

It wouldn’t have mattered if there had been no snow in the forecast.  There have been many non-white Christmases.  Indeed, sad to say, there have been many, many, many, many non-white days every winter.  It wasn’t that we especially wanted snow on Christmas, although that would have been very nice.  It wasn’t even that we wanted snow at all, although we do always want snow in winter.  It was the stinking fact that we had been told by the meteorological powers that be that we could expect six to ten inches of snow on the evening of Christmas, and then the whole glorious thing had the unmitigated gall to up and move 200 miles south!

Here in balmy Walnut Shade, we had, instead of six to ten inches of glory, not so much as one measly flake or even one single flurry of snow.  It’s been a cold sunny day in the upper thirties, and all the snow that we didn’t get has now moved off to the Ohio River valley.  I lived the first ten years of my life in the Ohio River valley, and I know it snowed there back then.  I’m assuming it still does.  Sigh.

While we were having nothing to sled in, nothing to look at, nothing to play with or photograph or make ice cream with, my parents in North Little Rock got nearly nine inches of snow!  Nine inches of white beauty in a place that almost NEVER gets a decent snowfall!  When I was a kid, Little Rock had one good ice storm every year in the second week of January and maybe a dusting of snow a time or two.  Three inches would have been a rare cause for celebration, and nine inches? On Christmas?  Well, that’s the (white, frozen) stuff lifetime memories are made of!

Dad sent us some lovely pictures of his deeply buried yard and driveway.  I appreciated that, but told him that I am truly green with envy.  As I mentioned above, it’s not so much that we got no snow, as that we expected lots of snow and got no snow.  If our hopes hadn’t been pumped so high, we could not have fallen so low.

Ah, well, at least we know that when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.  I just hope that particular tree’s branches are heavily laden with snow.

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