Like father, like son?

Last night, as we were leaving the home where our life group’s Christmas party was held, Josiah was outside playing around with one of the 13 year-old guys.  The host family’s dog was out there, too, and when Josiah grabbed the other guy’s arm, the dog went ballistic and bit him, tearing up the bottom of his jeans leg, and biting him on his thigh through the jeans and drawing blood.

It’s not nearly as massive or deep as Scott’s dog bite wound a few years ago, but I will say that the sounds produced by the Llama while his Dad and sister were playing nurse assistants to get it cleaned out were. . . impressive.

After hobbling around last night, Josiah is walking normally today, albeit wearing shorts, and we are quite sure he will live and not die and declare the works of God.  His comment concerning the dog was, “Bah, humbug!  May God have mercy on that miserable animal’s soul.”


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