Doggone it

I’ve written about stray dogs before.  Some are friendly, some are not, some are ugly, some are cute, all are hungry, and Andrew loves every one of them passionately.  Yesterday’s arrival is just a puppy, sporting a collar, part of a leash, and no tags.  WHY do people not put tags on their dogs?!?  This puppy is scared and hungry, and with all that I have going on this week, I truly do not have time to deal with him or her.  I really don’t hate animals, but I have chosen thus far to simply avoid this pup.  We have not fed it, and I have not called animal control on it.  I have felt a bit bad that it was cold out last night and the poor thing is hungry, but I just pushed it out of my crammed full mind.

So this morning, while Andrew was taking out some trash, he beat on the dining room window to get my attention and called loudly, “MOM!  Come out here!  There’s a dead deer!”  Oh, boy.  A dead deer.  Not what I was really looking forward to today.  Although. . . I sure do know a lot of folks who would be glad for a deer. . . maybe I could call one of them to come get it. . .

I followed Andrew around the corner of the smokehouse, expecting to see a dead deer, but what greeted me was a tiny carcass the size of a small dog!  I asked Andrew if it was, indeed a deer, and he replied, “Well, it has hooves.”  Which it did.  He added, “and this dog was eating it.”  Which made sense.  If I were a hungry stray puppy looking at a small dead deer lying on the ground, I would probably eat it, too.

We clearly had a mystery.  First of all, what was a TINY baby deer doing in our yard in December?  We have had a couple of does around in the mornings, grazing over by the ditch near the garage, but they weren’t babies.  Second, what would have killed such a deer in the middle of our yard?  Andrew said maybe the dog killed it, but even such a small deer was larger than that puppy, and s/he seems so skittish that it’s hard to imagine it killing anything.

In my determination to not get side-tracked by various distractions (like stray dogs and dead deer), I decided to leave the dead deer where it was and do nothing.  It would provide a food source for our little canine, and hopefully the turkey vulture hotline would be activated soon to deal with the remaining trash pick-up.  The main thing I didn’t want was that dead animal stench, especially since the high temps today and tomorrow are expected to be in the sixties.  Ugh.

UPDATE #1:  (same day)  Of his own volition, Andrew moved the dead deer off into the woods and then covered it with ashes from the burn pile, “so it won’t stink so much.”  What a gentleman!

UPDATE #2:  (next day)  The sweet (female) pup was still hanging around this morning when I got home with the groceries.   I called animal control with some trepidation, assuming I’d have to drive her over there IF they even had room to take her, and frankly, I was focused on other things really did not want to squeeze “transport stray dog” into my already full day.  The lady took down all my info and said she’d tell an officer and they would come get the dog.  Sounded like a plan, although I didn’t know if the dog would disappear sometime today or a week from now.   A mere 45 minutes later, a polite young man in an animal control uniform rang the bell to say that he had picked up the dog and was just letting me know.  YAY, Taney County!  Well done!


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