Lovely day

This was the first day in many days that I did not plan to go anywhere in public, and in honor of that, I treated myself to a day without makeup.  My face does feel a bit naked, but Andrew has not complained. . . yet.  It turns out that I do have to take him to play practice and pick him up, but I think I can manage that in my unadorned state.

It was another lovely warm day here, and this afternoon I decided to take advantage of the sun and spend some time pondering at the creek.  I really like being at the creek when the temp is cool, the sky is deep, deep blue, and the sun is very warm.  As a bonus, I got to see a great blue heron and a belted kingfisher while I was there.

Christmas packages have begun arriving.  It’s a bit of a game to guess who ordered which package for whom and who, therefore, who should not open it.  I’ve also been working on our Christmas newsletter, and I think I have it almost completely tweaked.  Soon the printing, folding, stuffing, licking, labeling, and stamping will begin!

By writing this post, I think I have successfully put off as long as possible the folding of the three loads of laundry on the couch.  I’d better go fold, ’cause in less than three hours, THE LLAMA WILL BE HOME!!!


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