Sing, sing, sing!

Oh, did we ever have fun on Saturday and Sunday!  I don’t remember if I have or have not posted about the Branson Chamber Singers, so I’ll assume I have not.  Therefore, if this post is old news, anyone who is reading it is hereby fully authorized to click away from it and go on with life.

A couple months ago, a community choir started in Branson and I was invited to join it – not because I have a great voice or anything; just because Andrew had joined a homeschool children’s choir and my email was on the list of that choir director, who also happens to direct this new adult choir.

So we have been meeting for two hours of practice every Thursday night, and I don’t even know how to express how much I have enjoyed it.  There are several things in life that simply bring me true joy, and singing in a choir is one of them.  This was actually a big step of faith for me, because I tend to be uneasy in groups, especially in groups of people that I don’t know, and I also frequently feel intimidated.  I wanted to go, but I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in (not true), or I wouldn’t be able to sing as well as the others (true), or I wouldn’t be as fancy as they are (not true), etc.  But I went, and the people have been friendly!  They have been patient with me when I sing wrong notes.  They have let me stand between and in front of stronger altos who sing all the right notes so that I can hear my part.  They don’t criticize me.  Some of them come in jeans and tennis shoes, too.

We gave our first mini-performance last Saturday afternoon, as the “program” for the Taneyhills Library Club’s December meeting, all a capella!  It was not our best effort, but the library club members were most gracious.  The next day, we did our full Christmas concert of a dozen or more songs at the Old Stone Church, and it was the best we’d ever sung and oh, so very fun!  Scott and Andrew came to that one, and I believe I did them proud.  Not only that, I felt like a princess in my new choir outfit.  The women have to wear all black, long sleeves and long skirt, and since I didn’t own any of that, Scott bought me a lovely blouse, palazzo pants, and super-comfortable shoes that I can stand in for hours!  Very feminine and flattering.

It’s so satisfying to be able to use my musical ability and training to make quality music.  I enjoy us all working together to blend and create just the right sound.  I am remembering all the intense training I had with Mr. Winn and Mr. McGill and putting it all into practice now as an adult.  Bob Abbott is an awesome director, and the opportunity to learn from him and make great choral music under his direction is a great blessing.  I’m really looking forward to continuing to sing with the Branson Chamber Singers again in the spring.



1 Response to “Sing, sing, sing!”

  1. 1 Katie Roberts December 8, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Mom, this post makes me SO HAPPY! Did Dad get video of the performance? I would love to see it when I come home!

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