Great times with Katie!

So far, my visit with Katie has been great! Here’s a summary of our first almost 24 hours together:

It was so wonderful to see her face when she picked me up in Baltimore!  We got home around 12:45 AM.

The apartment she shares with Miriam and Stephanie looks superb.

Her room decor is really perfect – so very Katie – and she GAVE ME HER ROOM!  She’s sleeping on the living room floor on an air mattress.

We went to he library at PHC, and I got to visit with Mrs. Thornhill (Katie’s former boss) and Mrs. Pensgard who direct the library, it warmed my heart to hear them say such glowing things about her.  = )   But then, she got permission to take me “behind the counter” to show me a new acquisition the library was storing there.  My heart was way more than warmed when she handed me her thesis, published and bound in blue hardcover as an official holding the PHC library.  I was SO proud, and it made me cry.  I took some pics of her with the book.

We attended a logic class taught by Dr. Roberts.  When we walked in, Katie said, “Do you see the Llama?”  I glanced around, but didn’t see him.  She said, grinning, “He’s here.”  And then I noticed the guy in the pea coat at the marker board, writing something I couldn’t understand.  It was Josiah, writing some computer code in long strings across the board!  He finished just before the class started, and turned around and smiled at us.  The class was very interesting, and we got to talk with Dr. Roberts afterward.  A super nice guy.

I treated them to lunch at Subway, when we learned that the dining hall was featuring teriyaki chicken; not our favorite.

U.S. History with Dr. Spinney was wonderful, and I now have a good overall understanding of Manifest Destiny.

I took a few pics of the two of them for possible use with Christmas newsletters, and we bid Josiah farewell to work on his papers.

Katie and I saw Amy, and that was fun.  We also met quite a few of Katie’s and/or Josiah’s friends. I continue to be very favorably impressed with that school and the people there.  It is a special privilege for our kids to be able to interact with and learn from such high-caliber faculty and staff.

We then went searching for The Yellow Schoolhouse, taking the scenic route along River Road (Shenandoah River, that is), where certain members of the landed gentry have on the left side of the road mansions on huge spreads of land and on the right side of the road private river access, often featuring such amenities as picnic tables, swings, and porta-potties!  We passed through downtown Frogtown, the only sign of which was the Mountain Baptist Church, notable for its two front doors.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the rural scenery,we continued toward The Yellow Schoolhouse, and on the way ended up in Berryville, which is the county seat for Clarke County.  We then spent a rather humorous stretch of time searching for The Old Jail, a small stone building constructed around 1800.  While we never did find the jail – and in fact question whether it ever existed – we did find bathrooms that can only be used by janitors, an awesome monument to Confederate soldiers, a nifty auto parts shop, an 1820s building that has been converted into apartments, a parking meter which will eat your quarter and then flash “Expired” in big red letters, and a kind policeman who promised us he wouldn’t give us a ticket for parking illegally.

We did get to the Yellow Schoolhouse about dusk and we when we pulled in I asked Katie if we could go in.  ‘I don’t think so,” she replied, but I walked up the wooden steps anyway.  After all, I had already opened a lot of doors and asked a lot of strangers a lot of questions.  I’ve been knowing about The Yellow Schoolhouse for s couple years, so now that I finally had it in my sights, I wanted to get the full experience.  I did notice a pair of men’s tennis shoes on the deck an told Katie it looked like someone had been there recently.  I put my hand on the knob to see if the door was locked, and we heard a dog bark inside the schoolhouse!  We suddenly realized that someone LIVED in The Yellow Schoolhouse, and we needed to get off his property quickly!  Which we did.

Back home we ate excellent paninis for supper (with homegrown tomatoes) and had peach ice cream for dessert!  What could be yummier?!?!

We went online to look at maps, figure out where all we had gone, and make plans for tomorrow.  It’s been a tremendously wonderful day.



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