So am I a cheer mom now?  Surely not!  But it’s been important to us to keep Andrew tumbling during this season when his favorite coach, Carl, is not working at the Y.  That has meant driving to Nixa every Monday evening for him to participate in a tumbling class at All-Star Gymnastics and Cheer.  He strongly prefers me to sit and watch him, and since I don’t have anywhere else to go in Nixa for an hour, I usually bring my computer and try to get something done while I watch him flip.  I can’t get online here, so I blog in Word for posting later.

It’s a little sad to me that Andrew doesn’t seem to be progressing much and that he’s not up to the level of the other girls (it’s all girls) in the class.  I think the part that really gets to me is that he thinks he’s as advanced as them or better, but even this non-athletic mom can tell that that is simply not true.  Andrew has never been challenged in the area of self-esteem.  = )   I have tried to encourage him to work toward mastering some of the skills the others have conquered, especially his standing back tuck, his punch front followed by something other than a roll, and his “full” (round-off back handspring back layout with a full twist).  He had almost mastered the full on the floor at the Y with Carl (they normally master new skills first on the very springy trampoline and then later on the less springy gym floor), but all I usually see him do here is a series after series after series of back handsprings.

At least he is moving and getting a decent workout once a week.  For that I am thankful.  I just wish I knew how to motivate him and help him be more teachable.  He is clearly not the only Roberts to struggle with pride. . .


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