Tomatoes thriving, Sandy arriving?

Before the first hard frost on Friday, October 26, we picked about 100 green tomatoes off the four plants in the side yard barrels!  They are now in boxes to hopefully ripen over time.  We moved the tomatoes and peppers that were on the front walk up onto the porch against the house and have been covering them with sheets at night.  The look like a massive navy blue ghost all clothes-pinned up.  During the day, we throw back the sheets and they can get some sun.  There are about 10 pots up there, and they are loaded with tomatoes and a few red peppers.  I think if we can get through four or five nights of upper 20s, it will get a little warmer, and some of them may still ripen on the vine.  I am pretty determined when it comes to tomatoes, as you know.

In other weather-related news, the biggest and worst hurricane and storm to hit the continental U.S. in some time is beginning to pound the eastern seaboard.  While I do care about the millions of people who will be affected by this monster, I am most concerned for two specific folks in Virginia and four specific folks in Delaware.  The Stingray’s work has been called off tomorrow, because her company closes whenever the federal government is closed, and I guess all non-emergency aspects of the U.S. government in the D.C. area are closed tomorrow in anticipation of Sandy’s arrival.  I suggested that she charge her phone and sleep in, and she said that was her plan.  No news as yet from our Llama, so I don’t know what’s in the works for PHC.

And on the other side of the world, the Peacock informs us that peanut butter was on sale today:  only $33.90 HKD for 612 grams.  I didn’t know how to figure that, but she said it’s a little larger than a regular U.S. jar of peanut butter, and it cost about $3.50 USD.  Sounds like a pretty good deal.



1 Response to “Tomatoes thriving, Sandy arriving?”

  1. 1 Katie Roberts October 28, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    PHC classes are canceled tomorrow. I bet Jo’s thrilled!

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