Almost done

The painters have been working for most of three weeks on our house.  They are finally almost done, and the result so far is really totally beautiful.  We are very pleased.  They expect to wrap it up tomorrow, although I think there are a few remaining details to be completed next week.  It will be nice to have driveway access again, and of course, fewer legs at the windows.  People have driven by and stopped to comment on how good it looks, and folks at church have told me they’ve driven by and think it looks wonderful.  Of course, we like it, but it’s also nice to know that other people do, too.

In other remodeling news, the NEW carpet is going down at the church, and other post-flood processes are grinding along.  Due to insurance hassles, the progress is somewhat slower than desired, but the end result should be most satisfying.  = )

The Rendezvous is back into a busier season now, and this is very good for all concerned.  Andrew has been helping with the cleaning nearly weekly, and he’s quite gung-ho on having a job and earning money.  He also auditioned for a part in the Tri-Lakes Community Theater’s production of “To Kill a Mockingbird” and was given one-half of one of the fairly significant kids’ parts!  He will play the part of Dill in three of the six performances, and another girl will play that part in the other three.  He should have a script in a week or so, and things will get busy.  When you are a thirteen year-old homeschooled boy, busy is good.

I am totally enjoying choir practice with the Branson Chamber Singers.  It is so very fun and challenging.  I think I spend the whole two hours smiling – at least on the inside.

Scott preached a SUPER message last night on Chicken Thinking.  It was very inspirational and practical.  I was quite impressed and got a lot of stuff that applies to my daily life.

Andrew moved all my portable tomatoes to the porch this evening.  Beginning tomorrow night, we’re expecting four nights in a row of at or slightly below freezing temps, and I’m determined to give these green babies every chance to turn red.  They should be all right tonight, but tomorrow night I’ll have to cover them and try to tarp the big (immovable) ones on the side.  Next week, lows should climb back up toward 40, so we’ll see what happens with our on-site mobile produce department.  I remain optimistic, and I’m still enjoying fresh homegrown tomatoes every day, on sandwiches, in salads, and by the slice!



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