Oh, may my ‘maters make it!

Statistically, I think October 28 is the average first day of frost for southern Missouri.  With some 80-100 green tomatoes and 15-20 green peppers still on the vine, I have been thinking warm, sunny, ripening thoughts on behalf of our produce.  So far, so good.  We only had those two nights of freezing-ish temps in late September while Scott and Andrew were gone camping.  With much effort, we got the tomatoes and peppers covered and/or moved, and all survived.

Now we’ve had an additional three weeks of frost-free weather, and things are looking good for the veggies.  In fact, the highs the next couple of days are expected to be in the low 80s!  I thought I had nothing to worry about, but Scott just told me that the high on Friday high is forecast to be a mere 47 degrees with Friday’s low 33, and Saturday’s low down to 30!  Visions of tarps and sheets and lots of lifting and hauling are dancing through my head.  Sugarplums would be more fun, but I’m determined to ripen and enjoy as many of these gems as possible.

We have not bought tomatoes since the third week of June.  This is a major victory for Walnut Shade Mom!


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