Team Update

Katie is cooking red beans and rice for 12 tonight.  I don’t know what all else is going on with her right now, but in three weeks I will!

Jessica is missing her family and missing having teams/schools “in” on the base, but she is gracefully and cheerfully serving in hospitality, which includes cooking for, meeting, assisting, and coordinating the activities of guests to the base, as well as maintenance.  I don’t know if that means she’s fixing leaky faucets, but I do know she’s looking forward to decluttering and organizing “a lot of the base’s junk” this week.

Josiah has survived his freshman mid-terms.  In other news, he bought socks yesterday day because, according to one reliable source, “he had one pair of black socks and one khaki sock. He had another khaki sock, but that one had an “A” on it.”  (meaning that it was actually one of Andrew’s!)  So far, this same source reports having seen Josiah in two different short-sleeved, and one long-sleeved shirt.  We at home wonder if those same three business casual shirts will be sufficient to see him through a Virginia winter.

Andrew served in the church nursery today (11 kids in there!) and participated in his first-ever audition this afternoon.  While he insists that he refuses to do it, his mom is hoping he will be offered a small part in our local community theater’s production of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Scott’s arm is gradually getting better (tennis injury in June, exacerbated by keyboard, softball, and other usages).  He is quite busy with work, church, family, and ministry commitments, not to mention recording and watching many post-season Cardinals games in high speed.

I am delighted at the progress of the centennial painting project. (I’m going out to take pictures now, kids.)

Not sure if this is one or two coats of Cottage Cream, but the Toque White trim hasn’t been done yet.



Here’s a little bit of the Atmospheric porch ceiling, with the wall and trim not finished.


Maybe the color is a little easier to see here on the shady side. They will be back in full force tomorrow to hopefully finish out the Cottage Cream walls and begin tackling the trim.

I have also joined a newly formed community choir, the Branson Chamber Singers, and I am very much enjoying our Thursday night practices.

My rant o’ day is that everything about food for only three people is a pain:  shopping for it, keeping stuff prepped and fresh, and cooking and freezing in weird quantities.  However, I am doing it, and each week I figure out some new trick or tip.  This week’s major realization is that I am going to have to start buying cheese from the deli, because that’s the only way to get small enough quantities of enough different kinds to keep certain people happy (not bored) and not have it spoil.


1 Response to “Team Update”

  1. 1 Katie Roberts October 21, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    Thanks for the pictures! The house looks beautiful; I REALLY like it!

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