Big trip, big wind

Andrew returned this week from spending nearly six days in North Carolina with his aunts, grandma, and cousins.  He said he had a blast.

Scott’s sister, Kristy, is in the process of adopting a young man who is also 13 years old, and since they had a long weekend over Labor Day, she asked if Andrew could come out and meet his new potential cousin, Christian.  It sounds like the boys hit it off well, and Andrew had many stories to tell of all the fun activities and all the great food and time with so many people he enjoys.

High points were:

~ the enormous walk-in closet in Kristy’s guest bedroom

~ swimming at the JAARS pool with cousins, Grandma, and Aunt Becky

~ the “frogger” intersection?

~ homemade ice cream nearly every night at the Joneses

~ a “sleepover” with Christian in which they stayed up till 3 AM playing Stratego

and the stories went on and on and on!

Today, he and I were at home when there suddenly came a big wind.  This wind had to be of nearly tornadic intensity.  It knocked down all the tomatoes on the front walk and even dumped the two enormous tomato barrels in the side yard!  It also brought down dozens and dozens of tiny twigs and one big branch.  No harm was done, and we enjoyed the 30-degree drop in temperature and the 15 minutes of rain.



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