What are the odds?

That the cellar fridge would only refrigerate in the freezer and do nothing in the fridge,

That the cellar water heater would intermittently overheat and underheat when set on the lowest temperature,

That the playroom air conditioner would blow air that’s not cold,

AND that the attic air conditioner would blow air that’s not cold while causing the lights in our office to dim every two minutes?

It reminds me of one of those probability problems Andrew had in math.  Something about if you roll two dice ten times, what are the odds of rolling a seven?  I never could figure out how to do those problems, either!

We do have plans in place for the cantankerous appliances mentioned above.

1.  I’m trying to use up most of what was in the cellar fridge’s freezer and I plan to move the rest of it to big freezer, after I figure out how to re-organize it.  Then we will stock less breadstuff, nuts, butter, margarine, and cream cheese.

2. When we need a lot of hot water (guests, hot baths to soak bodily parts, etc., Scott turns it up.  When that season ends, he turns it back down.  When it’s turned up, the water is perpetually scalding hot and we burn propane at a furious rate.  When it’s turned down, the water varies between scalding hot and luke warm, but we burn a lot less propane.  We plan to use the beast till it dies completely, at which time we will probably need to replace it.

3.  When the Potter(s) come to look at the attic air tomorrow, Scott will ask them to check out the playroom air.  It was installed in June of 2010, so after only three summers of occasional use, I think it should still work well.

4.  The Potters (our heat and air sales and service friends) will come tomorrow to figure out what’s up with the attic air.  That heat pump was installed in March of 2011, so it should definitely still work well!  No one is living in the attic right now, so the fact that it’s in the 90s up there is not a problem, but that unit is ducted so as to provide supplementary cooling (and heating in winter) to our office, Josiah’s bedroom, and our bedroom.  It’s been pretty toasty in the office and at night recently, so we are highly motivated to get some cool air coming through the ceiling!

Soon and very soon. . .




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