Bon voyage!

Today, Andrew flew to North Carolina to spend the Labor Day weekend with his aunts, uncle, grandma, and cousins, including a potential new cousin for whom it looks like his aunt will be providing foster care sometime soon.  That young man is just a bit younger than Andrew, I think, and he’s also “brown.” Andrew doesn’t have contact with many people of color; we are hoping the two boys will both enjoy their time together.

We sent a phone with Andrew since he was flying unaccompanied.  (We were required by the airline to pay an unaccompanied minor fee each way because he is under 15.  The ticket was free, but the fee was definitely not!)  Andrew sent me a number of texts while he was in transit, and I don’t think he’d mind my posting them here. I retained his spellings when typing these up.

1.  “I am MAD!! I can’t even have my backpack with me!”  (Note that that may have been b/c it was packed to the gills and weighed 16 pounds!)

2.  “Yeah.  I regret having soo much packed in there now.”

3.  “Can you carry anything with you on a plane?”  (I told him I could carry a book and a purse if it would fit under my seat.)

4.  “Wait to text me back.  I have to shut my phone off.”

5.  “Sorry I couldn’t respond we had to take off.  I’m hoping I can at least out something in my black bag.”

6.  “We are on the ground in Atlanta!  A lot of turbulence about halfway through and didn’t stop until we landed!”

7.  “Funny.  It was sort of akward because this is my first time.  Do you know the info about my next flight?  (I told him it should be on his second boarding pass and to let me know if it wasn’t.)

8.  “They let me off the plane first!  Ain’t I special!”

9.  “I got a private ride in a official airport can to the other part of the airpet to wait for my next plane!  I feel really special!”

10.  “I meant to say official airport van. Not can.”

11.  “Question:  Can I stuff some odyssey and books into my blue backpack until I get on the plane, then put my black bag under mt feet and put my blue backpack in the overhead thingy?”  (I told him he’d have to ask his Delta person that question.)

12.  “Because I really want something other than one Hank the Cowdog book and my lifesavers!”  (Note that he had a bag of – I’m guessing – 60 individually wrapped lifesavers!)

13.  “Looking sort of stormy here.  Pray for no bad weather so we can take off on time.”  (This after he had told me repeatedly how disappointed he was that it was clear blue and sunny in SGF, b/c he wanted to fly through clouds.)

14.  “I am sitting in the really big plane all by myself!  And I get a window seat again!”

15.  “My suitcase is above me and my backpack (with everything in it) is under the seat in front of me.  Yay!”

16.  “And I can actually hear what they say!”

17.  “We are about to take off.  Bye!”

18.  “I am on the ground in Charlotte.  The second flight was MUCH better than the first one.”  (I asked if he was with Aunt Kristy.)

19.  “Yes I am.  Sorry I didn’t respond I was walking out.”



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