Went past Chesapeake to Mt. Vernon today

I was planning to be home all day till Andrew’s piano lesson at 4 PM, but at 7:45 AM, when I was out watering and about to spray for bugs, Scott asked me how quickly I could be ready to go.  Hmmm. . . filthy dirty and sweaty, wearing exercise and gardening clothes with my signature floppy olive drab hat. . . how about 30 minutes?

So, while he went to the bank and Andrew practiced piano, I showered and put on my face (and my clothes!) and prepared to go to Mt. Vernon.

Communication was rather lacking.  All I knew was that he had found a camper, he had called the guy, I had said I thought it would be best for both of us to look at it together, we’d have to have a pile of cash in hand in case we wanted to buy it, and supposedly our van could pull it.

Clean and sweet-smelling, I asked Andrew to collect his school box and he played more piano while I straightened up, started a load of laundry, and collected library books.  Meanwhile, Andrew informed me that he was riding with Steve.  Whatever.

Scott flew in and I noticed that Steve’s truck was in our driveway and Scott’s Honda appeared to be Absent Without Leave.  Whatever.  I figured I was supposed to drive the van, and Steve would drive the truck.  Why?  I had no idea.

Oops!  Just remembered that I forgot to make Scott’s lunch!  BTW, Jessica, isn’t that your responsibility?  (And along those lines, Josiah, your failure to do the Wednesday night supper clean up was noted with GREAT disappointment at about 9:15 PM.)  These kinds of behaviors simply cannot continue.

It’s 10:30 PM, and I need to get that lunch made, so I’ll have to tell you about our trek later.


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