Mercy on the downward path

I had my annual exam today.  Thankfully, my doc is a very nice lady and we have a good relationship.  We first ranted to each other a bit about our government’s continued intrusion into health care, and then I told her I was self-pay and she gave me a 30% discount on her services (but regrettably not on labs, which they are not allowed to discount), she wrote me refills of all my on-going prescriptions, she answered all my questions, and when I told her that my weight was nice and low two weeks ago when I was sick but that since I had gotten well and resumed eating (especially chips and salsa and BBQ potato chips -two of my great temptations!) it has gone up five pounds, she said, “Well, you’re still down eight pounds from two years ago and down five pounds from last year.”

I can’t imagine where on earth she got those previous figures, but I am assuming God was once again amazingly merciful to me.

Then I went to have lunch with my friend, Dianne, at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Elenita’s.  She’s moving to Texas next month, so this was our last lunch together.  (No portraits were painted, and we did NOT sit on the same side of the table!)  Any day that either of us has a fasting-for-lab-work doctor appointment, we celebrate afterwards with an truly innumerable amount of chips and at least a half gallon or so of salsa.  Ah, the joys of friendship!

Tomorrow I resume my downward trek!


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