I got to sleep last night!

It involved Ambien, but after five consecutive virtually sleepless nights with Andrew’s wisdom teeth removal recovery, I told him last night that I was done.  Now Andrew can deal with the pain, the Ibuprofen, the heat, the rinses, himself, and it was absolutely WONDERFUL to sleep for seven hours in a row.  I am firmly persuaded that many areas of life can be improved with a solid night or two of sleep!

Thankfully, Andrew’s bleeding has virtually stopped (it’s stopped several times before and re-started, but we think this is the real deal), and he’s spaced out to a solid four hours between Ibuprofen doses.  Tomorrow he starts the targeted rinses and resumes wearing his retainers.

Katie, Jessica, Scott, and I are planning to play bridge Saturday night, and that should be loads of fun.

Katie has HER car back and running well, after paying a mere $65 to have the $3000 computer (or whatever it’s called) repaired under warranty.  What favor!  What grace from God!

Jessica has been in Hong Kong for just under a week and is adjusting to life and work with YWAM there.  She has been through all kind of challenges trying to get her phone set up to use there and may need to buy a different one.

Josiah visited the Browns in Delaware – one Brown in particular – spent a night or two with Katie, and is now in the midst of freshman orientation at PHC.  We heard that he won a microwave oven tonight!

Andrew will begin piano lessons with his new teacher next week.

Scott has been super busy with many meetings at work, and we are meeting ourselves coming and going with church meetings, as well.  Only five of them relate to church, but we have commitments for nine of the next ten nights.  This level of activity tends to drain me, so I am planning to discuss the matter with Scott and see what options there may be to reduce the meeting load.

I have been super-abundantly blessed by God’s presence today.  He is so very good to me!

And now, a second night of sleep – this one without meds.  = )


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