Recent events

To catch up a bit on our life of late, here are some fun and/or interesting events of recent days. . .

~ Andrew had a very encouraging interview with Mrs. Abbott, who is looking forward to taking him on as a piano student later this month.  The change is necessitated because Mrs. Walker, his beloved teacher of five years, is moving to Texas in September.

~ We all survived the Mission China annual business meeting in fine fashion.  We are losing one faithful long-term Board member (Larry), and gaining two fresh members (Donna and Dave).

~ Scott and I had a lovely date, which included much meaningful communication, a new shirt for me, and dinner at Olive Garden!

~ We had a splendid meeting between Josiah, his Emily, Emily’s parents, and us.  We discussed numerous things related to their courtship.

~ Two rubbers of online bridge were played, with the Otters (Scott and Jessica) taking the first and us Beavers (Katie and me) taking the second.  We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to our next opportunity.  = )

~ IT RAINED LAST NIGHT!!!  Almost all night!!  A lot came in Jessica’s rotten window, but we were all so thankful for the rain that we didn’t care.

~ Pastor Barb gathered the whole church around us to pray for our family this morning.  I feel very loved and supported!  Jessica moves to Hong Kong on Tuesday afternoon, and Josiah leaves for Delaware and then college on Thursday morning.  Having shed enough tears early this afternoon to effectively dislodge 80% of my eyeliner, I am uncertain when to schedule the next round of crying.

~ This evening we (Scott, Jess, Jo, Andrew, and I) took a dip at Big Rock. Josiah cut his foot on the gravel about ten feet from shore and so didn’t go in, but the rest of us did, and even with the drought, it was waist deep – deep enough for Jessica to jump in off the rock and yell, “Ah-yee!”  It was also a very fine temperature, perhaps thanks to last night’s rain.

~ Scott and Jessica went to the City this evening, while the boys and I vegged with pizza, orange soda, and recorded excerpts of women’s Olympic gymnastics.  We really like the women’s all around gold medalist, U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas: “It’s a win-win.  All the glory goes up to God and his blessings come down on me!”


1 Response to “Recent events”

  1. 1 ryndvdbrwn August 6, 2012 at 8:41 am

    That women’s all-around team competition was spectacular 😀

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