We’re back!

We’ve really been back for several days, but they have been several fairly hairy days, so I’m just now re-committing to ye ole’ blog.

We had, as SCC would say, a great adventure to Virginia and back to celebrate Katie’s graduation (3.94, summa cum laude, with high honors and FIVE cords – yes, that was a completely shameless brag) from Patrick Henry College with a B.A. in history.  My pride, pride in a the good sense, that is, known no bounds.

I always regret not being able to write about things right when they happen, because life moves on so quickly that there’s always other stuff yearning to be written about, and then I just don’t have the time or memory to give the prior event the blogginess it truly deserves.  At that point, I am forced to the bullet point list, which is not nearly as colorful as the actual experience, but it’s the best I can do, so here goes.

*  We drove Katie’s new blue car and Scott’s exquisitely road-ready white Honda.  Exquisitely, because he just had a LOT of routine scheduled maintenance done on it, AND gave it four new tires.

*  We sent the boys up to get gas in the white car the morning we left, while Scott and I tied up a few loose ends at the house.  We were supposed to meet them at the gas station, but it seems that the key to the blue car had been misplaced.  There’s nothing quite like standing in your driveway, looking at the car you’re about to drive away in, and realizing that without the key, you are going nowhere fast.  Scott found the key somewhere.

*  I did a lot of the driving.  I did most of the driving.  I like to drive.  I very much enjoy driving.

*  Josiah drove in the mornings, but we discovered on this trip that llamas are required to take an afternoon siesta.  They can be forcefully kept awake, but in that condition they are useless for the any tasks involving driving, planning, remembering, searching, or thinking.  Clearly, computer games require none of the above.

*  The grasshoppers in Illinois have died.  It’s very sad.

*  Eaton, Ohio, and especially the countryside surrounding it, is simply lovely.

*  There really is a Fazoli’s restaurant in Dayton, Ohio.  It is not easy to find.  I followed Scott 45 miles off the freeway in search thereof.  When we found it, some family members could not see it, but they all ate there and enjoyed the meal.

*  If you stay at TownPlace Suites, whether in Columbus, Ohio or in Sterling, Virginia, be advised that they do not have any rollaway beds.

*  If you have two boys who cannot or will not share the pull-out bed, the smaller boy can make a reasonable go of things by sleeping on couch cushions on the floor.  He will not, however, have a blanket.  You will need to go to the front desk to get one of those.

*  Since TownPlace Suites provides you with a very small kitchen, they also provide you with a very small “Grab ‘N Go” breakfast – cold cereal, granola bars, hard-boiled eggs, bananas.  There is a small bench to seat three, but other than that, you must “grab” your breakfast and “go” back to your room to eat it.

*  The baccalaureate service at PHC was very special to me.  We got to sit right up front, directly behind the (two tallest male members of the) faculty, in all their doctoral regalia.  Katie sat with us, and she was beautiful.  The chorale sang a splendid a capella arrangement of several well-known songs, which I especially enjoyed.  Dr. Farris gave a really good talk on humility, and I cried when the various profs prayed for Katie.

This list will be continued when I get around to it.


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