One of those skills our kids should master before leaving home

Today I taught Josiah how to do something he hasn’t done before.

Well, he may have done it a time or two, but it’s surely not a task he’s practiced with any kind of regularity.

No, it’s not ironing, although that is on my mental list of “skills to pass on to Josiah this summer.”

No, it’s not cooking, although I probably should add that to the list.  Cooking’s priority rank  is lower because, while his R.A. at PHC will give demerits for not having his pants creased, he won’t starve if he can’t cook.  And that food is going to cost us all (sigh).  Katie never eats breakfast and so went with the 14 meal-per-week board plan, but Llamas definitely prefer to input calories at least three times a day – more if you include the mandatory evening ice cream serving.

Josiah has opted to grow his hair a bit longer, and since he’s doing a presentation with his dad this evening – and he needs to look sharp – I had to teach him how to comb his hair.

He bought a comb today for that very purpose.  He’s never owned a comb before.  You see, as a young child, the Llama was a bit of a challenge, and I decided to cut my losses (pun intended).  I buzzed his hair short, and it never needed to be combed.  Believe me, we all had enough else to deal with, without that!

So his hair has always been short, until last week.  When it started to get long.  And last night I trimmed it, just because if you have very coarse, thick, wavy hair, when it gets long it starts to curl around your ears, and that’s okay if you are a girl, but not so okay if you are a young man!  So I trimmed it around the edges and left the rest of it long.  This was no simple task, because, as I’ve told Scott for years, I really have no idea how to cut men’s hair.  Buzz it all one length, yes; actually cut it properly, no.  I think it turned out okay, and I told Josiah that I wouldn’t be offended if he wanted to go to Wal-Mart and have someone there fix it.

Tonight, there were various curls sticking out in various places, and it needed a part of some kind, so I told him to soak his head and towel dry it.  I combed it and then sprayed it like crazy.  It held for a while, but after the presentation tonight, it was coming loose again.  I think if he’s going to wear it long (er) like that, he’s going to have to go with some mega-hold gel or putty or something.

Like other aspects of my life, it’s just a new season!


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