Just got a great deal!

I walk a lot.  I have foot issues that require me to wear lace-up shoes.  Between the walking conviction and the lace-up obligation, I live most of my life in athletic (tennis) shoes.  I’m hard to fit, and it’s very hard for me to find comfortable shoes.  I wear out tennis shoes quite rapidly.

Several years ago, I happened upon a style of Skechers, which I bought online and which fit me perfectly.  What a blessed relief!  Through the years, I have probably bought half a dozen or more pairs of the same style – sometimes online, sometimes in their local store.  The shoes usually run about $50 a pair, but if I can hit them at a sale, I’ve been known to buy two or three pairs at a time.

My current pair is falling apart, so as I prepared to pull out my last new pair, it occurred to me that I probably ought to order some more.  I went online and learned that THEY HAVE BEEN DISCONTINUED!!!  This was very, very bad news.

I then called the local store to see if perchance they still had a pair or two in stock, but sadly they did not.  “Gaye” told me that this is a very popular shoe, though, and that she might be able to find another store that still has some left.  None in Missouri, one pair in Texas, but wait!  A store in California still had four pairs!  She advised me to buy them all, and since our local store was running a Buy One Get One Half Off sale, once the California store opened, she’d call and see if they were also running the same sale.  She’d call me back.

I waited all day for the phone to ring and it did not, so at 5 PM, I called the store.  “Gaye” was on a conference call, but “Heather” knew of my request and told me that the California store did indeed have four pairs in stock (with the same sale) and she had reserved them for me.  All she needed was my credit card information, which I gladly gave her!

Very soon four pairs of my favorite tennis shoes will be headed my way for a grand total of $130.15, which averages out to $32.54 per pair, a superb deal, if you ask me.  This made me smile.


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