Going screenless

Andrew made some choices that resulted in some consequences, one of which is that he is to have no screen time until May 10.  Translation:  he can’t play any computer games, and he can’t watch any TV.  Now, this shouldn’t directly affect me, but I confess that it does.

For years at lunch, we watched “The Andy Griffith Show.”  That was fun and made me smile and reinforced some good values.  However, more recently it’s often just Andrew and me home alone at lunch, and Andrew’s viewing choice is typically HGTV.  Loyal readers and/or those who have been in our home – well, probably all the former are also the latter – know that our home in no way approximates anything on HGTV (much to Andrew’s ongoing displeasure), but I have learned that I really do enjoy watching some of those shows.  Yes, they are really all the same, and yes, those designers tend to make everything look the same, and no, I’m not about to do any of it in our house, but 30 minutes of mindless HGTV in the middle of my day is actually kind of relaxing.

No more.  = (  At least not in the near future.

So, here it is – lunchtime – and Andrew and I will do something more productive while we eat. . . like maybe, talk to each other!


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