For that wind-blown look. . .

Try the Toyota!

Our van is in the shop.  We could call it the vehicular hospital.  It has issues, and informal counseling won’t solve its problems.  It’s running very rough and jerky, the check engine light (which lives “on,” and about which we don’t concern ourselves) is flashing, the headlights don’t let me see at night, and it needs an oil change and tire rotation.  Those last two are simply routine preventative maintenance items, and the headlights probably just need some type of lens cleaning and/or beam adjustment.  However, whatever is causing the rapid flashing of the check engine light may or may not be a terminal illness.  Actually, it’s probably not terminal, as most anything can be fixed for a fee, but I’m guessing it may involve a repair on a a magnitude of investment that we simply won’t want to make in this vehicle.

In any case, I was driving the Toyota today. That would be the Toyota sans A/C, so I had all four windows down all the way to generate as much breeze as possible.  I had a number of errands to do, and every time I arrived back home I re-sprayed my hair for the next jaunt.  I managed to look okay most of the time, but I’m sure that there’s enough hairspray in my locks to make them crunch.

I don’t like my hair to be mobile, so that windblown look is actually not me.  = )


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