Survey says: food prep vastly overrated

I surveyed myself and came to the conclusion that I spend way too many brain cycles on food, particularly on food for other people.  There!  I got that one off my chest.

I have a family and I love my family and I know they need to eat three times a day and I know it’s my responsibility to provide meals for them (or stuff for them to make their own meals).  I am the mom and that’s part of what moms do.  However, if I lived alone – and I’m very glad I don’t – I could spend a total of about 30 minutes a day preparing and eating my own food.

Instead, I need to:

~ think about who wants or needs what to eat when through out the week

~ plan suppers (including one or two crockpot meals) each week

~ inventory what’s on hand and make grocery lists

~ buy the stuff – from one, two, or very rarely three stores

~ help Andrew put the stuff away

~ pre-prep whatever it takes to have crockpot meals ready

~ cook meals in quantity and freeze them

~ (on days when I don’t want to be doing major cooking in the late afternoon) thaw and prep whatever needs to be ready for that night

~ keep three kinds of bread on hand, including making homemade bread once or twice a week

~ keep all the stuff available that everyone wants for breakfasts and lunches (none of which is the same for any two family members)

~ do breakfast (a meal which I don’t eat) clean up five days a week

~ do supper clean up two or three days a week

For a person who is quite content to eat a banana and a sausage biscuit standing at the kitchen counter for brunch, and some chips and salsa and fruit with a half sandwich for lunch, and isn’t really hungry at supper (and could be thrilled with a bag of popcorn and some lemonade at 8 PM), it just seems like a heck of a lot of thought and work.

I will keep doing it, and most days I will smile while I do it because I am so glad I have a family that needs to eat, but I am quite sure that food prep is vastly overrated.

P.S.  In my section of heaven, there will be no cooking!


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