Two rubbers won!

Tonight we played bridge with our friends, Ron and Terryl.  They have only played three times, but they are serious card players and picked it up very quickly.  In fact, Terryl is clearly a better player than I am.  We played the girls against the boys and the girls won both rubbers handily!  Actually, we won by large margins, partly because the guys just didn’t get any cards, and partly because Scott got greedy and doubled us into game – twice, I think.

I ended up playing a whole bunch of hands – maybe five or six – including a three no trump.  I told Scott I wanted to call Katie and have her play it for me!  However, Terryl watched over my shoulder and and we kind of played that hand together.

There were some challenging decisions to make.  For example, how do you respond to your partner’s one no trump opener, when you have a decent five card club suit, two puny doubletons, and four mediocre hearts, with a total of eight points including distribution, after your opponent bids two clubs?

I did make a number of bidding and playing errors, but I think overall I did pretty well.  Sometimes it’s nice to play cards and just not think about everything else in life!


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