Lovely weather we’re having

When I get to writing about the weather, it’s kind of sad, because it means I can’t think of anything more interesting to say.  However, I am trying to post something each day, so my readers will have to be content with what they get.

It was in the mid-sixties today and sunny, with only a gentle breeze.  I spent some time this morning watering plants, weeding flower beds, and spraying neem oil.  Last year, those vicious Japanese beetles did in almost everything, so I am determined to fight them off from the get-go this year.  Once all was sprayed, I worked in the kitchen for a while.  I have kitchen issues that maybe I will blog about some day and maybe not, but I did totally clean off the top shelf of the pantry.  Cleaning the pantry is really a task that must be done with Jessica, but she is not here, has not been here for a while, and won’t be here for a while, and I decided it couldn’t wait.  I figure if I do one shelf at a time, it won’t be too overwhelming.

After preparing and sending a Jessica update, and printing copies in one format for church ladies who don’t have email, and printing, stuffing, labeling, stamping, and mailing copies in a different format for various ministry partners who don’t have email, I went down to the creek to spend some quality time with God.  That was wonderful and I managed to get fully sunburned on my right shoulder.  This is a bit of a problem.  The place where I sit faces a certain direction, and there’s no way to sit facing the opposite direction.  I always go down there in the afternoon, because of my personal conviction about working before I play.  Therefore, the sun is always blazing down on my right shoulder and not my left.  Now my tan, such as it is, looks lopsided, and I’m not sure what to do about that.

In any case, the weather is just perfect, and O, how I wish it would continue this way for a few months!



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