If it weren’t for the creek, I think I’d lose my mind

Although at this stage of the game, I tend to lose so many things that one more little thing like a mind might not really rock the boat too much.

I have so enjoyed being able to go down to my favorite spot by the creek to think, journal, and pray. The hairier life gets, the more I want to go to the creek, and the past few days have been – although good – rather intense.

There was Andrew’s piano festival event on Saturday morning and again on Saturday afternoon.  Then we had 50 folks here for a potluck/cookout on Saturday evening.  Sunday morning was church, and we hosted a life group of about 16 here Sunday evening.  Then Monday evening Scott and I went to an informational meeting at C of O about the new School of the Ozarks high school that is starting at the college this fall.  Woven in among all of those activities were all the normal things in life – Andrew’s academics and piano practice (he and I will be playing a duet for the recital in a couple of weeks), cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing, errands, etc.  Then today, I’ve been doing a tiny bit of advising on Josiah’s graduation announcements (nothing about two-sided printing is ever simple and Scott and I never think alike on matters of wording), and slightly more proofing of some web page text for Scott.  I also learned that I’m probably going to be inheriting some additional bean dip responsibilities in my married-in role as assistant to our church’s life groups manager.

I am not bored, and I am VERY thankful that God planted us right next to such a lovely creek!


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