Final HSF classes today

Andrew has really enjoyed his Home School Fridays classes this school year.  I find that it irks me to even write the phrase “school year,” because in a way I still kind of resent having to even think about such a thing.  I do miss those days some years ago, when we did what we wanted how we wanted when we wanted, without having to fit into ANYONE else’s idea of how our time should be allocated.   Had we adopted another son shortly after Andrew, I think we could have continued that lifestyle, but the fact is that we didn’t, and I can’t change that now.  Maybe part of grief is coming to accept that what can’t be can’t be.

Andrew has hated his speech class, and enjoyed the P.E., flags, and vocal music offerings.   I have enjoyed having Friday mornings to manage as I see fit.  While this will come to an end after today, I’m planning to still leave Andrew’s academic load light on Fridays and still try to take that day as an off day for me. It will be a little harder without HSF, but while Josiah is at home on Fridays this summer, I think things will work out okay.

I am thinking today of all the changes this season of my life is bringing and trying to process some of the emotions that swirl around it all.  So far, this has not been an easy day, but I’m getting ready to go prep stuff for tomorrow’s cook out, re-pot a plant, and maybe plants some flower seeds, all of which should be helpful and encouraging.  I think today is also tough because last night was rugged.  I am expecting a much better night tonight, beginning with a hot bath that I have already reserved!



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