Hank said it again

“Streee-rike. . . two.”

Yes, ball season is upon us.  Tonight the Promise Keepers won their season opener against the (Barry, give me a break!) Sanctuary of Hope.  This year, the powers that be were persuaded to divide the church league into upper and lower divisions, and we’re in the upper.  In addition to Sanctuary, we’ll be playing exclusively against Victor Baptist, Tri-Lakes Church, and Church Army.  I think we’ll play each of them about three times, and each week one team has a double header (against two different teams).  It should be a great season.

Inquiring minds will like to know that the following will be regulars for PK this year:  Of course, My Hero at third, Kevin at short, Jerry at first, Shannon pitching, Bob somewhere (maybe second?  he was limping tonight and did duties in various places), Les somewhere (maybe catching?), and in the outfield Joe, Jerod, Josh, and Steve.

Actually, tonight our three best guys were all out (Kevin, Jerod, and Steve), and we had Bo, a different Steve, and Chantsee’s friend, Tyler, filling in.  We played not so very well until the top of the final inning, where we were down 11 to 8.  We then staged a major comeback after Scott declared, “Everybody hits!”  Well, everybody did hit, and I do mean everybody!  We scored TEN runs that inning and won the game 18 to something like 14.

It’s fun to be back in my gray chair by the bleachers.  Of course, if someone else were here to keep score, that would be nice, and our cheering section definitely needs significant augmentation.  Next week it’s Victor Baptist at 8:30 PM.


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