Never done it before, honest

For one thing, I planted my little tomato and pepper plants on MARCH 30!  I don’t think I’ve ever planted that early, but when nature gives you a year with no winter that goes straight to summer in the middle of March, then you plant.  We now have some lovely pots lining the front walk with four varieties of tomatoes and one of red peppers.  May they all grow, thrive, and produce wonderful fruit!

That was on a Friday, and then on Saturday, following a morning of work at the church, we and the Long family, who had worked much longer in the sun that we had and wouldn’t even come into the house because they claimed to “smell like sumo wrestlers,” went down to Big Rock to swim.  The water was COLD, but we all braved it; Andrew and Scott diving straight in, Josiah and I proceeding more circumspectly.  Actually, I inched my way deeper and deep over a period of some 15 minutes, before eventually taking the icy plunge and bobbing my head under water.  Did I mention that the water was COLD?  Initially a lot of fish and one snake watched us closely, but the glare of our lily white skin lit up their world caused them to flee the scene in terror.

In any case, I am quite sure that I had NEVER gone swimming in March before, but now I have!


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