A moment of silence is to be observed in honor of Othello

It seems that he’s having a little trouble breathing following an accident last night that could be described a a case of ministry-related violence.  Following the service, Othello was relaxing contentedly in his backpack, leaning against the sanctuary steps, while the Llama had fun chasing and being chased by younger kids.  A younger kid who shall remain nameless was then spotted hauling Othello on HIS back and grinning at the Llama.  Othello being the quiet type, the kid had no idea of his presence.  The Llama then mocked stalked the child, glaring in a sinister manner at said kid.  The kid, most assuredly thinking that the Llama’s backpack which he was wearing contained only the miscellaneous junk found in most backpacks, slipped it off his shoulder and dropped it on the floor.  OUCH!!!

Back at home, the Llama diagnosed a closed-head injury and administered appropriate first aid.  Othello has been, shall we say, slow to come around today, and surgery may be indicated.


1 Response to “A moment of silence is to be observed in honor of Othello”

  1. 1 LexisLogike April 8, 2012 at 6:46 pm


    Surgery is required, and regardless, it looks like the Days of Othello have come to an end.

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