One point for the YMCA

I don’t give out Y points very often and so thought this event was blog-worthy.

I had paid for Andrew’s March Parkour classes, which meet on Saturday mornings.  Then we learned that his coach would be unavailable for at least three of the five Saturdays in March, so I asked the gymnastics coordinator for a refund.  She said she could credit our account, which she did.

Today he went for his Wednesday afternoon tumbling class, for which we pay $8.  When I went to the desk to pay, I told the receptionist that the gymnastics coordinator had given us a credit for some of the March Parkour classes, and could that be applied to today’s tumbling fee.

Bear in mind that in three years (off and on) of dealing with the Y, I don’t think I have EVER been able to have one employee look up something that some other employee put in their computer and have it actually be there, but today, miracle of miracles, the receptionist looked up our account, said we had a $20 credit, and applied $8 of it to Andrew’s tumbling class fee.

A non-stressful interchange at the YMCA front desk; something new and different!


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