Close call

Tonight I challenged Andrew to a game of Gin Rummy.  I warned him in advance that since I have played a lot more than he has, I was likely to win.  He did not seem to share that logic.

I pulled out to an early lead of something like 71 to 35, but then, over a series of three or four hands, he pulled back to tie it at 83 all.  A game is 100.  I ginned in the final hand for a bonus of 20, but he only had five points in his hand, which was quite commendable.  So my prediction came true, but the guy is awfully close to catching me.

He’s close to catching me in another way, too.  I am fairly certain that by a week from Thursday, he will have pushed me back down to being, once again, the shortest person in the family.  I’m thinking I haven’t been in that position for about seven years – when the girls had passed me, but I could still look down on Josiah and Andrew.  Now I won’t be able to look down on anyone, and I’m sure there’s a spiritual lesson there.  = )



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