Miscellany from my week

Katie helped collect library books Sunday afternoon.  There were a lot to collect, and she found them all.  Whew!  No fines!

We had a good group Sunday night, with a good prayer group at the end.  I am getting closer to these ladies and we’re all beginning to open up more.  I think there’s potential for some real friendships here.  Andrew went home to spend the night and next day with Zach.  They are quite different from each other, but they generally get along well.

Katie went back to college on Monday.  Most days, I am happy for her and pleased with the way God’s leading her.  Some days I’m a little sad, and on a few days, I’m really sad.  The realization that she won’t be coming back to live here any more sinks in only gradually and is not something that gets processed once and and for all.  I have to work through it over and over again.  All days, I’m so extremely proud of her I could burst!

Thankfully, although it takes something like 26 hours to fly from Dulles to Springfield, it’s a proven fact that one can fly from Springfield to Dulles in about nine hours.  Maybe it has to do with wind speed and the rotation of the earth. . . ? After I dropped her at the airport, I met a friend for a late lunch.  It was really nice to see her.  She’s been through a divorce and is recovering from all that, but she seems to be doing well.  We caught up on each other’s families and stuff.

I pulled out of that parking lot, thinking about which library branch would be best to drop the books at.  (I couldn’t think of a good way to avoid ending that sentence with a preposition.)  As I made a left turn onto the busy street, it dawned on me that the Panera where we had just eaten was adjacent to The Library Station!  We had planned it that way a few days earlier, thinking that I’d have Andrew with me and he could browse the stacks while we visited, but he was with Zach and I had forgotten.  At that point, looking back over my shoulder to change lanes, I glanced toward the trunk and failed to see the two loaded book crates. . . mainly because they were still at home in the dining room!  Hmmm. . . another trip to Springfield would be required.

Andrew and I were invited for dinner and cards at our pastor’s house two nights in a row.  Hamburgers and bridge one night; pork chops and spades the next.  Actually, he played with the kids and I played with the adults!  It was a lot of fun.  = )

I had our new rear van brakes adjusted on Wednesday.  There was no charge for that, which is a good thing when you consider what it cost to have them installed.  Then we zipped to Springfield for an ortho appointment, because one of Andrew’s rubber band hooks had come off for the second time.  AARRGGHH!  We had been to a regular ortho appointment two weeks ago, and we have another one two weeks out, but this one could not be avoided.  However, this time, I, singlehandedly mind you, managed to to remember to bring with me both crates of library books.  I also found a neat book for me at the Brentwood branch.  So far, it’s quite inspiring and challenging.

This week’s counseling session was fairly intense, Andrew’s tumbling was cancelled, church was really awesome, and Andrew had youth worship practice after.  The logistics of that practice session are somewhat interesting.  Jessica (not ours) sings and plays keyboard in the adult service, and her husband, Pete, plays guitar and drums (on a drum machine).  He is also the youth pastor.  For this youth worship team, Jessica sings, Traiten plays guitar, Andrew plays keyboard, and Pete plays drums and maybe guitar, too.  The complicating factor is that Pete and Jessica also have two younger children who need to get to bed.  One of the teen girls has been commandeered to go home with their children, get them in bed, and stay with them till Pete and Jessica get home from worship practice, but Abi doesn’t drive, so our family has offered to be responsible for taking Abi and the two kids to Pete and Jessica’s house.  This week was our first run, and it was not without incident.  We got to the house, but no one had a key. Ten year-old Reece said he knew where a key was hidden, but he needed a light.  Now, I could readily have provided a tire gauge, half a box of Kleenex, a set of ear buds, and two pairs of nail clippers, but light I did not have.  However, he and Abi managed to climb a fence, find the key  in the dark, and get into the house.  Next week, I’ll stick a flashlight in the glove box and ask Jessica for a key.

Thursday was a home day.  I like those for two reasons:  I can get a lot done, and I don’t have to wear any make-up.  I finally got ALL the guys ironing (from, ahem. . . two and-a-half weeks ago!) done, and that was a nice feeling of accomplishment.  I’m sure I did something else useful that day, but I don’t remember what it was.

Today, Andrew had a swim and gym thing at the Y in Springfield all day, so I had some time to take bags of stuff to the thrift shop, get some potting soil and weed-eater oil at Wal-Mart (did you know you’re not supposed to dump that little square bottle of oil into the weed-eater reservoir?  and that if you do and then add gas to it, the weed-eater won’t start? I’m hoping our handyman friend can rescue me from that stupidity before I have to explain the dead weed-eater to Scott. . . ), shop for some clothes (which I ended up not buying, but that was OK, because now I have a good idea of what I really want), buy a new journal, and go to the post office.  I’ve been spending a lot of time there lately, it seems, thanks to that silly 13 ounce rule.  Back home, I worked some on homeschool hours, planned Josiah’s academics for the last week of March, did a lot of ministry correspondence stuff, updated Quickbooks, and wrote a LOT of thank you notes (some of which I did by email).  I also sent an encouraging note to a friend who’s going through a lot of tough stuff, and by then, it was time to pick up Andrew.

We had a relaxing dinner of pizza and pears while watching some TV, and afterwards, I managed to redeem myself in gin rummy, skunking him 269 to 69.  I mention that because Andrew demolished me last time we played, and tonight I felt vindicated.

We will have a group here Sunday night, the yard looks really horrid, and I need to clean a couple bathrooms, two bedrooms, both halls, and the stairs.  I think Saturday will be a cleaning kind of day, inside and out. Then we have tentative plans to go out to eat with our good friend, Donna, who is celebrating her resignation today from her job of 13 years.  Let’s just say that she has endured a LOT with that job, and we all know God has wonderful things in store for her now!

It’s been a good week!


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