Snow at last!

When I went out to walk this morning, it was about 20 degrees and snowing lightly, with an inch on the ground.  Throughout the morning, it snowed pretty steadily and at times fairly hard.  Mid-morning, it started sticking on the road along the center line, although none of the vehicles passing our house had any problems.  I was just so thankful to finally see some snow!  I know the forecast is for the temps to rise in the next day or so, so it probably won’t be with us long, but I do enjoy it very much.

Scott and Josiah had planned to go in to Springfield today, but given the forecast for snow throughout the day and a possibility of freezing rain in the afternoon, Scott re-scheduled his meeting and they both worked from home today.  What a blessing it is that they can be flexible like that!  Then, around 1:00 PM or so, the internet went down.  NOT a good thing when you’re trying to work.  For pay.  I guess Scott called whoever and found out that there was an outage somewhere that had taken it down.  I’m not sure if they gave him an expected time that it would be back up or not, but given our upcoming tax bill and his three weeks off work in March, the man needed to work!  So, he headed out to try to find an internet connection somewhere.

I don’t know where he was going. . . the nearest place that I know has WiFi is McDonald’s in Branson, which is about 10 miles away.  I wasn’t too thrilled about the prospect of his driving around on the icy roads, but he is a big boy and an excellent driver even in tough conditions, so I encouraged him to drive carefully, and off he went.

Some thirty minutes later he returned, saying that Josiah had called and told him our internet was back up.

Me:  So where did you go?

Scott: (kind of breathless) Up the road, up toward 160, and I almost went off in the ditch!  And there was already a car in the ditch.

Me:  Really? Where?

Scott:  Up almost to Melody’s.  It was really something.  I just started sliding and sliding.

I was very thankful that he was home safely.

He went back up to the office to work, and I made some cookies (Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies).  While in the kitchen, I could look out the back window and see Andrew and Josiah with the two neighbor kids sledding across the yard. Josiah was doing his snowboard imitation in slow motion.  Quite fun to watch.  Later, he was helping Kenzi climb the tree back at the property line, and tossing snow balls up to her.

On one of my many little trips up to the office, I mentioned to Scott that it didn’t seem like the boys had tried the Smart Lane hill yet (it turns out that they were honoring Pierce and Kenzi’s mom , who had told her kids that they weren’t allowed to be that close to the highway), and that it was totally snow covered, and no one had driven on it, and with the sleet and stuff, it might have enough of an ice crust to be good.  Scott then said that he thought he might just need to break off work and go out in the snow, and out in the snow he did go!

By that time, things had warmed up a bit and Smart Lane was too slushy for sledding, so Our Three Males fell to the two standard activities which must be pursued whenever there’s any significant amount of snow in the yard:  rolling wheels and building a snowman.

Some readers may remember the legacy of Freddy, the Five-Ball Snowman; a fine fellow who was created in Scott’s yard on R Street in the Heights on one of our very early dates.  Since that time, Freddy, and/or his wife, his friends, and his cousins, have made their appearances in our front yard on a fairly annual basis.

The guys started on the snowman late in the afternoon, at something like 4:45, and they finished him around 6:15, which was really too dark to get stellar photos, but Scott did take a few, and I will now attempt to insert one of them for your viewing pleasure.  BTW, Josiah has yet to use trigonometry to calculate exact measurements, but Scott said he thought this SIX ball snowman (so satisfyingly appropriate for our family) is at least ten feet tall!

Six-Ball Snowman's backside; Josiah & Scott providing scale

Josiah with Six-Ball Snowman, facing forward

You can see that the snowman is quite tall!  As Josiah said at supper, “That snowman is taller than Goliath!”


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