Llama of many skills

I may have mentioned this in the past, but it hit me again last night when I was printing some stuff to take to church.

I had just printed ten copies of a Jessica update, and before I could go to bed, I needed only to print one measly copy of a recipe to give to a friend.  I hit the print button, and nothing happened.  Being either a woman of great faith or a total fool, I hit the print button again.  Same result.  I decided that my computer – which I really should name, I think, but I guess that will be a task for another day and a survey for another post – had decided that it didn’t like the print button.  Well, perhaps it would find the full print dialogue more to its liking.  I opened that dude, set the various options appropriately, and hit ok.  Nothing happened. Being a creature of habit, I did it again, with, of course, the identical result.

At that point, I did what I normally do when some computer-related something fails to deliver as promised; although, come August, I won’t be able to do it, so sometime soon I’d probably better start developing a work-around. . .  I opened my google chat and asked if Llama-Tech could make my printer print.  Now, the nice thing about Llama-Tech is that most times, excepting Tuesday afternoons, Llama-Tech responds quickly, fixes my problem, and charges me nothing. Gotta love that South American beast of burden!

Sure enough, within two minutes, I heard the hairy mammal trundling down the attic stairs.  The Llama has had a hard time sleeping on his less than wonderful mattress and box spring, and so has moved his “stall” to Katie’s room.  I am pretty sure the biggest result of the move is that he is now able to simultaneously trash twice as many rooms as before, but at least he is sleeping.  He also has the advantage of claiming that way up there in the third floor he just can’t seem to hear us calling to help put away groceries or whatever.

So he examined the print situation and quickly determined that he had no idea what was wrong or how to fix it.  His only idea was to turn the printer off and back on, which he did.  Then he told me that that process might take a while, because the printer – we call it the Big Printer – always feels compelled to check itself (reminds me of those upper torso exams we women are supposed to do) when you turn it off and back on, and those checks take a while to complete.  That made me think that maybe I should just send the recipe to the Ancient of Days printer in the closet – we call it the Little Printer – which would take longer to print the page, but would start sooner and so might actually let me fall into bed a bit earlier.

And THAT made me think of the noise the Little Printer would make as it fed the paper, aligned the ink cartridges, and printed the job; which is why I asked Josiah, “So, tell me, what noise does the Little Printer make?”  To which he replied with the perfect and very funny series of sound effects that always makes me laugh uncontrollably.  I laughed uncontrollably.  He is indeed a Llama of many skills.



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