J.R. had told us he thought it would take”four or five days” to remodel the boys’ bathroom.  Yeah, right.  The 2009 remodel of our master bath lasted about eight WEEKS, so I was not holding my breath.  Today J.R. began the demolition.  I think he started about 10:00 AM, and Pastor Guy came to help him around maybe 11:30 AM.  At 4:30 PM, the bathroom was completely gutted. WOW!

I will have to try to figure out how to upload pictures to the blog.  We’re down to sub-floor and studs, which is what I wanted.  The guys also unearthed some very interesting tidbits of history, culture, and creativity.  There’s a lot of that in a 100-year old house.

Time to Skype the girls!  More later.

P.S.  The Llama is now going to show me how to add pictures, so here goes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That worked (!), but I am not sure I could remember how to do it again if my son weren’t here.  I think I need to take an additional picture to show what it actually looks like now, but you can get the idea.  There is now no sink, no cabinet, no toilet, no shower, no flooring, and no sheetrock.  In one of those shots, you can see what looks like corrugated board, and that is actually what was under not one, but two layers of sheetrock.  But what’s awazzing is that it is the outside wall of the house!  The bathroom was added on outside the actual house many years ago, so when you enter the bathroom, the wall on the right side (the one the sink is on, against our bedroom) and the wall to your immediate left (the wall that the door is set into) were the outside walls of the original house.  Pretty wild.

I’d like to get a shot that shows the whole bathroom, but, as you know, the problem with bathroom pics is that you have to hang from a skyhook to get them.  The room is only seven feet square, so even in a corner I can’t get far enough back to show it all.  Maybe better pics will be a project for tomorrow.


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