Bounced and Twisted

First, I’ll have you know that I jumped on the trampoline today and actually got air.  Katie was my witness.  I thought sure I made it 3/8″ off the mat, but she said she thought it was more like a full inch.  Impressive, eh?

And then tonight we played Twister.  This was Josiah’s idea.  The first round was the girls, and I was the first to fall, but oh, how hard we did laugh!  Then the guys went and Scott made us laugh so hard our faces hurt.  I’m pretty sure other parts of Scott were hurting. . . In the final round, Josiah and Andrew went head to head – or, shall I say, head to behind? Andrew’s quite flexible and Josiah’s quite determined, so they kept going for a LONG time.  I think some pictures were taken, but they might be rather incriminating.  Josiah was the ultimate victor, and he earned every bit of it.

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