Great Thanksgiving

Katie came home for Thanksgiving and that was a very good thing.  She flew into Little Rock Wednesday afternoon, and we drove down, picked her up, and went to my parents’ house.  It was really wonderful to have ALL SIX of us together for a few days.

We had a good visit with my folks, got to spend some time with brother, his daughter and her boyfriend, and ate lots of (as usual) wonderful food.  I had two private personal goals for the trip, and I was able to achieve both of them, so I felt successful.

We did yea and verily rake the back yard and portions of the side yard, as is our custom on Thanksgiving morning.  My mom has this nifty mini-rake that is perfect for beating the fallen leaves off the azalea and other bushes and then pulling them out from under said.  Jessica hit the ivy (truly a labor of love) while I tackled the bushes, and together, we got most of the backyard bushes and their surrounding areas clear of leaves.  We felt quite a sense of accomplishment.

That is, until the Llama appeared (barefoot, of course) on the roof with leaf blower in hand.  We won’t go into who had which ideas when about what, but Some Males decided that it would be good to get the leaves off the roof, too.  Yes, I would agree that that is a good idea, but in this case, the timing was poor.  When the Beast of Burden began raining down great showers of oak leaves on all the bushes and walkways that Jessica and I had so dutifully cleared, I – and I am guessing that I can speak for Jessica, too – almost wanted to cry!  Instead, we took deep breaths, waited till the leaf storm from above abated, and re-did all the work we had already done once.

I am fully persuaded that next year we should send the Llama up on the roof first, perhaps while the rest of us enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and only head out with rakes to conquer the yard once he’s given us the “all clear” from the roof.

Sleeping at my parents’ house when all six of us are present is always a bit of a challenge, but I think we managed pretty well.  Without setting up a tent out back, a percentage of us slept a percentage of the hours we were horizontal, and for that, we were all thankful.

I have also been clearly informed that Grandma’s Blue Bell ice cream (at some $6+ per carton) is vastly superior to the $3 per carton Great Value that’s stocked at home.  Well, ice cream is one of those cases where you really do get what you pay for, and it’s just an added incentive to go back to to Grandma and Grandpa’s house!

Now, when I was a kid, we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, too, but their ice cream was Graeter’s.  Ahhhhhh!  Just for grins, I went to their website and learned that I could order 12 pints (the minimum order) to be delivered to my home via UPS air for the princely sum of $120.  Let’s see, now. . . there are two pints in a quart and two quarts in a half gallon, so at $10 a pint delivered, we’d be looking at $40 for a half gallon.  That’s even a bit pricier than Blue Bell, but I choose to believe that it’s still the best ice cream in the whole wide world.  Oh, and there’s only one flavor:  chocolate chip.


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