Trying to re-establish my blogging habit

It’s been a little challenging, because right now, the most important things going on are more internal challenges and changes (heart issues), as opposed to activities that are interesting to write about.  I am very blessed and excited to be experiencing God’s love in deeper ways than every before.  He is most gracious and good!

Here’s one practical thing.  I think it stinks that gmail changed its whole look, and when my Llama-Tech assistant switched me from Chrome back to Firefox, I also have smaller text that’s hard to read.  No non-geek person should have to deal with TWO such significant changes on the same day.

We have a new church, and I like it.  Our pastor’s sermon last night was entitled “Conflict Resolution.”  It was really powerful and made me do a lot of thinking.  When I’m not blogging, I’m generally thinking and trying to process what I’m learning.  Some of us learn new tricks rather slowly, so it takes a lot of time.

Tonight I won a game of hearts.  That’s a game that I always lose, so my victory was both unusual and pleasant.  We also learned that while Jessica can raise one eyebrow and Andrew can raise one ear, Scott can raise one nostril!  Oh, the grand trivia one can learn from walnutshademom!


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