Taking my own medicine

I sent an email to a dear friend of mine who leads a terrifically busy life and therefore has not posted to her blog in four months.  She then posted my email on her blog, hoping to motivate herself to write something, ANYTHING, on a regular basis.

I, too, have been lax in this area, so here’s today’s short post.

The Llama and I are home alone in the rain today.  He is finishing up (or maybe not. . .? ) this week’s school work, and I am supposed to be doing academic planning and writing some blurb for our vacation home.  I am committed to spend fifteen minutes a day on that till I get it done, but I will say that I hate having projects hanging over me that I don’t know how to do.  This is one of them.

Scott, Jessica, and Andrew are out shopping.  Well, let me edit that.  AS I finished typing that sentence, Andrew hollered, “We’re home!” so I guess they are home now.

Katie’s in Virginia, and I do miss her.  However, she assures me that all is going well there, so that’s good.

It’s cool and rainy, and I need to find out if the movie night at a nearby church – that Josiah and Andrew are planning to go to – will still occur if it’s raining.

Medicine taken.  More to come.


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