And the gang whizzed on

We played Wizard tonight.  It’s a dastardly little game.  There were several challenges, but thankfully one of them was not Josiah being depressed and trying to lose.  We’ve have that in the past with Wizard.

The challenge had to do with Andrew singing “White Christmas,” or trying to.  Jessica was commenting on the new growth of hair on his arms, he said that he hates puberty, and I said that maybe he’ll have a really deep voice.  I think that’s what started the whole singing thing.  Scott invited him to sing that Andy Williams song, Josiah said, “White Christmas?” and Andrew launched into a full voice rendition of “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”  Somebody commented that that wasn’t “White Christmas,” to which Andrew replied that he didn’t know “White Christmas.”  How can any American not know “White Christmas?”  Clearly he has major gaps in his cultural education!

So he started singing the words, “white Christmas,” with absolutely no clue as to how the melody goes (or the lyrics, for that matter), and it was so hysterically funny that we laughed almost till we cried.  I think Josiah may have cried.

The game degenerated from there, with me bidding zero each time because that was easier to remember, Josiah bidding without even knowing which suit was trump, and Scott messing Jessica up at every turn.  She said he was a wicked bozo, or something to that effect.  I don’t know who won, but it wasn’t me.

Josiah said we should add a written note to the pack of Wizard cards that says, “Do Not Play This Game,” lest we ever pick up the cards at some future time.


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