Boys, boys, boys

One of our current projects and prayer requests is to help Andrew connect with boys his age whom he can befriend.

A couple weeks ago, we hosted a cookout for Scott’s Promise Keepers ball team and their families.  One of the guys has a boy (Brett) Andrew’s age, and they had a lot of fun together.  Another guy couldn’t come that night, but he also has a boy in that age range (Chase).

One of the guys who’s been coming with his wife to our home group has a boy (Garrett) about Andrew’s age.  Garrett spent the past couple months with his mom in Kansas City, but came home this week.  We actually knew Garrett when he was a baby, but hadn’t seen him in over ten years.  Andrew had never met him.

In our undying quest to connect Andrew with boys, Scott brought Garrett and Chase over to play and and swim on Saturday.  The guys all seemed to have fun – bouncing on the trampoline, biking, swinging, and then swimming at Big Rock.  It was a good thing.

Then Sunday night, Garrett and his family came to group, so he and Andrew got to spend more time together.

This morning, Jerry (Brett’s dad) called to say that there was a bus going to a Springfield Cardinals game tonight and they had one free ticket and would Andrew like to go?  WOW!  So I took Andrew in to Branson to meet the group.  Get this.  It was a HUGE tour bus!  I don’t know what the connection is, but Jerry and his wife and two sons were there, and right now Andrew is enjoying a minor league baseball game, totally free of charge, with BOYS!!!


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