Goings and comings

Two days ago, we said goodbye to Katie, as she drove back to college in Virginia.  She had a good trip back and is now settling in to a week of R.A. training, prior to a week of freshman orientation, prior to the beginning of her senior year of classes.  She worked full time all summer, while doing a directed study/internship toward her major, so she was fairly well occupied.  We also did a lot of family stuff with all six of us the first few weeks of summer, and that was refreshing.

Tonight we welcomed Jessica and Josiah home from a month-long mission trip.  They have had many adventures and challenges over the past month, and it’s great to see them again.  I think the washing machine will be going tomorrow.  I’ve heard a rumor that Josiah’s clothes were only washed once or twice and that he’s worn the same pair of socks for five days now. . . but as I said, that’s only a rumor.

They just gave each other high fives over the fact that bathrooms here at home have TOILET PAPER and that you can put the toilet paper IN THE TOILET!  Ah, the pleasures of home.


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