Got to see Cindy today!

Years ago. . . maybe four or five years ago, I “met” a lady online through a forum where we were both seeking answers for our then 12 or 13-year old sons.  We were both Christian, homeschooling moms, and we both had kids with interesting learning challenges.  This forum let us connect with each other – and with loads of other moms in similar situations.

We were both greatly encouraged, and Cindy and I became good friends.  She lives in Texas, and she has relatives in Delaware, so most summers she and her son make the long trek north, camping in state parks as they go.  A few years ago, they were coming through Springfield, and we met them for lunch.  It was so neat to finally put a face with her name!

Although we had only seen each other that one time, she and I have been prayer partners through a number of challenges.  Her family supports our ministry regularly and she prays faithfully when our folks are abroad on mission trips.  She’s also the one who helped us navigate the treacherous waters of insurance when Scott had his ski accident, giving us detailed tips that ended up saving us LOTS of money on his medical bills.

So, Cindy and her son, Chris, came through Springfield again today, and Andrew and I met them for lunch in Ozark.  It was great to catch up in person.  What a neat lady she is, and what an inspiration to me.  Maybe I’ll be a little bit like Cindy when I grow up.   = )


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