(written first thing Saturday morning, August 6, 2011)

We had planned this nifty Tulsa weekend trip as a last hurrah for our summer with Katie.  Scott had used our Marriott Rewards points to book a hotel for two nights at no cost.  Well, there was a cost – all that shopping that I racked up on our VISA card, but. . .

There were no suites available on points, so we knew we’d all be in one oversized hotel room.  That was okay.  There’d be two beds and a small fridge, and we brought the blow-up mattress, pump, and sleeping bag for Andrew.  Our boys almost always end up on the floor when we travel.

So Scott checked us in while we began hauling out enough gear to supply a small army for a month.  When we got up to our room (4th floor, Andrew loves it!), and Scott opened the door, we were stunned to see a suite!  We couldn’t believe it!  A full kitchen, living room area, a large table, and TWO bedrooms with DOORS, each containing a queen bed!  WOW!  What luxury!  The living room couch pulls out into a bed for Andrew, so no need to mess with the blow-up mattress.  There are three TVs and there’s also an outdoor pool, which we enjoyed until the very stroke of 10:00 PM last night.

We were truly feeling like kings and queens.  I asked Katie, “When’s the last time our family traveled and you got  to sleep alone in a room with a door?”  “Never in my life!” she replied.  = )

Then, in planning out what all we want to see and do in Tulsa, we discussed the following:

A Tulsa Drillers vs Springfield Cardinals game – Saturday at 7:05 PM, with the temp game’s start forecast to be 104 degrees!

The Tulsa Aquarium – we’re pretty sure of this one

Blue Bell Creameries – sadly tours are only given Monday through Friday. . .

Ice skating – but given the 100+ degree temps and all we have is shorts and T-shirts, probably not

Mini-golf – Scott and I played on a date a few weeks ago, and I beat him royally.  He’s been itching for revenge ever since.

So, Scott went down to the desk Friday night after our swim and asked the guy there where the nearest mini-golf course is.  He reached for some clubs and said, “how many are playing?”  This place has its own nine hole mini-golf course, on-site, free to guests!!!

We are just SO amazed and blessed by how God has worked all this out for us!


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