It was NOT three beavers

A few days ago, I was privileged to watch a beaver swim under the 160 bridge!  How very fun he was to watch.

So this morning, when I approached the bridge and saw something black swimming downstream, I assumed it was my beaver friend.  However, as I got closer, I realized that there were two. . . no, three animals swimming gracefully by!  I was so excited that I even called out to a man and his son (total strangers) who were preparing to fish there, “LOOK!  There are three beavers swimming in the creek!”

But it was NOT three beavers.  It was actually a family of river otters!!!  Yes, right there in our own little creek!  There was a mom (total length including tail – about two feet?) with two babies (total lengths – about one foot?), one on top of the other, on her back!!!  She was carrying her babies as she swam along, and that’s not all:  there were two other babies swimming beside her!

She continued downstream, and as she approached the bridge, she looked up, right at me.  It was wild.  We were looking straight at each other.  I guess the floppy olive drab hat intimidated her, because she turned around, and the babies slid off her back.  All five of them smoothly twisted and turned and dived for about 15 seconds (as if they were putting on a show), and then she led them all back upstream to a spot on the far side of the creek, under an overhanging tree.  I watched the brush move as they climbed out of the water, and then I lost sight of them.

Five river otters, just for me!  WHAT a blessing from God!  I must surely be one of his most favorite kids.  = )


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