The case of the disappearing snake

We got home from piano and Wal-Mart, and as we got out of the van, Andrew said, “Look!  There’s a snake!”  Sure enough, there was a LARGE black rat snake under Jessica’s car.  I ran over to try to get a picture and as I bent down, Jessica said that he was raised up.  Sure enough, he was.  The first foot or so of his body was up off the ground in a couple of curves.  I had never seen a snake in the wild “up” like that.

Then, as we watched, he began to climb up the inside of the left front tire!  And that’s the mystery.  We couldn’t see where he went.  He wasn’t on the tire.  He didn’t fall or slither off into the grass.  He didn’t go anywhere; he just completely disappeared!  Jessica popped the hood to see if he had somehow gotten up into the engine.  No snake.  She even started the car, thinking that that would startle him into dropping back onto the ground.  No snake.  She turned the steering wheel far to one side and then later to the other to try to get us a better view, but that snake was gone.

We still don’t know where he went.


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