God willing and the creek don’t rise. . .

We wonder if our good friend Chuck is crazy.  We already know he’s one incredibly nice guy.

He went with us Monday night to scope out the van situation and to help place the depth stick for future analyses.  He told us he had a car trailer and a Kubota tractor (not sure how big that tractor is), and that when he got home he was going to measure the tractor to see if it might be high enough to pull the van through the crossing.

He and Scott talked today, and the plan now seems to be for Chuck to drive from his house (he lives about 15 miles from us out in the general direction of where the van’s located) to our house to pick up a van key.  I can’t take him a key because I have no car today.  I’m assuming he will then drive back home, hook his trailer to his pickup, put the tractor on the trailer, and haul it all some ten miles down to the now-infamous crossing.

Then he’ll drive the tractor off the trailer, detach the trailer from the truck and hook it to the tractor, zip our van key into a pocket, pray hard, and drive the tractor and trailer through the flooded crossing.  He’ll locate and start our trusty micro-van, drive it onto the trailer and secure it with some kind of tie-downs, and use the tractor to pull it all back through the water to the near side, where he’ll drive the van off the trailer and leave it locked by the side of the road for our later retrieval.  Then he’ll have to detach the trailer from the tractor, hook the trailer to the pickup, drive the tractor back onto the trailer, and haul it all back home.

I would REALLY like to be there to witness and photograph the whole venture, but I have to leave for a meeting in Springfield this afternoon as soon as Jessica gets back with the car.   Right now, I’d better go make Chuck some cookies, so he’ll have something yummy to pick up along with the key.


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